About the artist

Robin Parmar is an intermedia artist whose practice incorporates electroacoustics, radiophonics, field recording, and experimental film. Works have appeared in Ireland, England, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Slovenia, Canada, and the USA. In 2014 Gruenrekorder released his fifth album "...between...", a collaboration with David Colohan. Currently he is researching the aural phenomenology of place for a doctorate at De Montfort University, Leicester.

About the project

I am intrigued by the role that sound plays in our perception of environments, particularly in how we constitute "place" through memory, and the stories we tell as a result. My model of investigation is built around "the sounding", a concept which transforms "sound" from noun to verb, in order to emphasise the active process by which we create a place anew, each and every time it is encountered. This website will document this project with working material.

This project is based on my residency at Sirius Arts Centre in Cobh, County Cork. I will be in Cobh from 4-25 May 2016. On the final night I'll be presenting some of my work-in-progress. You are very welcome to join me!


I wish thank Artistic Director Miranda Driscoll, the Sirius board, and the generous support of the bodies shown below.

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